React and React Native (Anglais)

De Adam Boduch
Éditions Packt, 08/03/2017

React and React Native: Building Powerful Applications for Android and iOS

Discover and learn how to use React and Reactive Native to build mobile, desktop and native applications with React and React Native. From composable and Native UIs through to device-specific APIs and offline development, this book has everything you need to create engaging and user-friendly React applications which run on all major platforms.


Dive into the world of React and create powerful applications with responsive and streamlined UIs! With React best practices for both Android and iOS, this book demonstrates React and React Native in action, helping you to create intuitive and engaging applications.

About the Technology

React and React Native allow you to build desktop, mobile and native applications for all major platforms. Combined with Flux and Relay, you’ll be able to create powerful and feature-complete applications from just one code base.

About the Book

Discover how to build desktop and mobile applications using Facebook’s innovative UI libraries. You’ll also learn how to craft composable UIs using React, and then apply these concepts to building Native UIs using React Native. Finally, find out how you can create React applications which run on all major platforms, and leverage Relay for feature-complete and data-driven applications.

What’s Inside

  • Craft composable UIs using React & build Native UIs using React Native
  • Create React applications for major platforms
  • Access APIs
  • Leverage Relay for data-driven web & native mobile applications

About the Reader

Perfect for anyone who wants to create mobile and desktop applications (including native mobile apps), React and React Native features step-by-step instructions and examples designed for all levels of React and React Native developers and students.

About the Author

Adam Boduch has worked on large-scale JavaScript development for nearly 10 years, and has also been involved with a number of large-scale cloud computing products using Python and Linux. He is the author of several JavaScript books, including Flux Architecture.