Angular 2 Development With Typescript (Anglais)

De Yakov Fain
Éditions Manning, 28/08/2016

Whether you're building web clients or full-featured SPAs, using the Angular /web framework is a liberating experience. Its declarative style makes it easy to define and add features without a lot of manually written boilerplate, and the fully integrated TypeScript language gives you the benefits of a statically typed language within the JavaScript ecosystem. Not to mention that adding Angular 2 and Type-Script to your skill set makes you a hot commodity.
Angular 2 Development with TypeScript introduces Angular 2 to developers comfortable using AngularJS v1 or other web frameworks. You'll start by exploring how Angular 2 works in an online auction application. Along the way, you'll learn to use TypeScript to write type-aware classes, interfaces, and generics. This is a practical book that covers real-world development concerns like data and views, user interaction with forms, and communicating with servers, as well as testing and deploying your Angular 2 applications.
What's Inside : design and build modular applications ; transpile TypeScript into today's JavaScript ; use modern JavaScript workflow tools like npm, Karma, and Webpack. This book is for intermediate web developers with a working knowledge of JavaScript. No TypeScript or AngularJS experience needed.